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    Time is Precious - Time Clocking System

    Time Clocking – Company time is precious, and people in a business are even more so.

    Our purpose is to help your people manage and track their time with our timesheet tracking software.

    CleverTime – Time Attendance Software, Workforce Management and Time Clock System.

    CleverTime's Time Clock System

    CleverTime - Time & Attendance

    Employee Time Tracking Made Easy

    CleverTime is simple to use timesheet software. Not only does it capture accurate staff working hours and employee timesheets, but it is also designed to include job costing, staff rostering management, visitor management, and health and safety compliance. CleverTime is a powerful innovative cloud-based time clock system to help you to make clever business decisions.

    Go Beyond Time and Attendance Management

    CleverTime - Our Time Clocking Solutions

    Time Clocking with Advanced Rostering

    Time Clocking

    Choose from a range of time clock options for clocking in and out to suit your work environment, including biometric time clocks. It is staff attendance tracking made easy.

    Job Costing and Time Clocking

    Job Costing

    Track the cost of labour against a job, project, client, or drill down to departments or positions within your company, all with the support of our innovative time clock machine.

    Time Clocking with Advanced Rostering

    Advanced Rostering

    Enjoy the simple-to-use features to manage and plan complex work rostering or scheduling. Online employee timesheets are linked to the rostering module and time clocks.

    Cloud Based Time Clocking System

    Cloud Based

    Access CleverTime anywhere, anytime, online via the web, smartphones, or tablets. Everything is cloud-based.

    CleverTime's CleverGo Time Clocking System


    Access CleverTime anywhere, anytime, online via the web, smartphones, or tablets. Everything is cloud-based.

    CleverTime's CleverKiosk Time Clocking System


    Access CleverTime anywhere, anytime, online via the web, smartphones, or tablets. Everything is cloud-based.

    Why CleverTime?

    Simply Clever

    Time Clocking System App
    Your Company, Your Rules

    Our software is built to work for your business. It’s dynamic and customizable, complete with an intuitive time clock machine to work for companies, big or small.

    CleverTime's Time Clocking System App
    Strong Local Support

    With over 15 years of industry experience, we understand how to work with the changing nature of local business and meet legislative compliance. We make our software work for you. We pride ourselves on our ongoing customer support.

    CleverTime's Time Clocking System Mobile App

    CleverTime can be integrated with various payroll, invoicing, and ERP/BI applications. This synergy empowers you to unlock smarter insights and efficiency in your decision-making processes, supported by the reliability of our advanced time clock system.

    In the dynamic landscape of modern business operations, the adoption of efficient time clock systems has become an indispensable necessity for companies across industries. These systems offer a myriad of benefits that streamline workforce management, enhance productivity, and drive organizational success.

    In a world where accurate time tracking holds paramount importance, businesses can’t afford to overlook the advantages that time clock systems bring to the table. With features such as biometric authentication, mobile integration, and real-time reporting, these systems empower companies to achieve precision in attendance tracking, reduce manual errors, and ensure compliance with labour regulations. Moreover, as remote work and flexible schedules become more prevalent, time clock systems equipped with remote access capabilities provide seamless solutions for businesses with distributed teams.

    Imagine the strategic advantage your business gains when equipped with a time clock system that optimizes employee scheduling, minimizes time theft, and simplifies payroll processing. These systems not only boost operational efficiency but also nurture a culture of accountability and transparency within the workforce. As competition intensifies and margins for error decrease, businesses that leverage advanced time clock systems gain the edge in resource management, cost control, and overall growth.

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