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    How do I choose the right time clock system for my business?

    How do I choose the right time clock system for my business

    How do I choose the right time clock system for my business? This is a question that is asked by many when choosing a time clock system. 

    Time and attendance systems come in various different forms, which makes choosing the right option often a tough decision. To make this process a little less complicated, our team at CBSystems has highlighted the top 5 factors that you need to consider when choosing one of these systems for your business and its unique needs.

    5 factors you need to look out for when considering a time clock system for your business.

    Flexible time-tracking across locations – due to the nature of the cleaning services industry you need to have a system that not only tracks your employees and their hours but also tracks this across multiple locations.

    Employee scheduling solutions – when choosing a time and attendance system, you need to look for a solution that extends beyond clocking technology and includes scheduling and PTO management functions. This reduces the number of solutions you need to utilise to ensure effective time management by employees.

    Accurate tracking – time and attendance systems need to accurately track time to ensure efficiency as well as allow for scheduling and rostering. The scheduling of your workforce makes tracking time and employee attendance that much easier as you can compare the number of hours scheduled to the number of actual hours worked and how this impacts your profit. This helps to identify issues, problems, or opportunities for improvement.

    Ease of use – you need to look for a solution that is user-friendly, accessible, and easy for all employees to use.

    Seamless automated integrations – the solution chosen should seamlessly and automatically integrate with your payroll software and Human Resource programs. This will allow for the correct payments to be made regarding time off, leave, overtime, absenteeism, and more.

    The result of the above factors is essentially a reduction in human error, as these processes are automated. This means fewer errors related to calculations, a lower risk of non-compliance, and improved efficiency. By choosing one solution that fulfils all your needs and integrates into your current systems, you can save costs and boost productivity. The benefits to your business, when utilising the right time and attendance systems, can only increase profitability.

    Right for You and Your Business

    Ultimately, the best time and attendance tracking system is the one that best fits your business and its needs. Sure, there are a lot of flashy features out there, but are they right for you and your company? Look for a system that offers customization options that work for you. Is the system user-friendly? Always ask for a demo from the service provider to see what they offer and how it actually looks and feels in the system.

    Think you’ve had enough of traditional time tracking, scheduling, and payroll? It could be time to make the switch to an integrated workforce management system. Contact us for a free demo and more information.

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