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    Time Clock Employee Self Service

    Across Australia and New Zealand, especially facing the impact of post COVID-19, there is a real pressure on businesses and organizations to reduce costs. For many workers, pay has been frozen. Others have lost their jobs. While these may be necessary measures to ensure the business survives the downturn, there’s another area where considerable savings can be made and efficiencies improved. That is HR. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the reasons why time clock employee self service can greatly benefit your organization.

    The ability for employees to view and edit their own data is one of the most important advancements of HR in recent years, like the name suggests, employee self service (ESS) is the name given to software that allows workers to take care of items like submit work data, requesting leave without going through someone in the HR /Admin department.

    Stats from Gartner suggests in 2020 and beyond, 85% of customer interactions won’t involve a human, more and more full-time employees will become less chained to their office, often able to work from home or any location, now, does this wave of changes giving you some idea moving into an ESS?

    Time Clock Employee Self Service

    Benefits of Time Clock Employee Self Service

    For employees, the ability to:

    1. Access and viewing their work shift and time data instead of contacting HR
    2. Submit timesheets electronically instead of filling out paper forms and submitting them to HR
    3. Manage time away from the office by viewing their leave balance and applying for leave online

    For employers, the ability to:

    1. Reduce cost and time on HR administrative jobs by setting up auto pay rules / leave rules.
    2. Cut cost on printing as paper no longer needed for various process.
    3. Keep track of staff absenteeism and status
    4. Allowing managers to approve/reject leave request online with a response to the employee
    5. Receiving employee request through web dashboard & email.
    6. Allowing managers to approve timesheets online with a note/response
    7. Determine access rights so the right people see the right information.
    8. Receiving reports through email

    Conclution - Time Clock Employee Self Service

    When the service is implemented successfully, a company may see immediate increases in productivity and efficiency. Managers and HR personnel will save labour hours and frustration on a daily basis, and instead have more time to concentrate on more important tasks.

    Time Clock Employee Self Service

    If you are interested in seeing how CBSYS ESS can automate your processes, reduce your costs, increase your efficiency. Please feel free to book a demo with us, we will be happy to show you the power and simplicity of our solution.

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