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    Visitor Management System

    Introducing CleverTime’s innovative Visitor Management System, a revolutionary solution that redefines the way businesses manage guest interactions.

    visitor management system

    CleverTime's Visitor Management System

    In a time where security and efficiency are paramount, our system is designed to streamline the visitor sign-in process, replacing outdated visitor sign-in sheets with a sophisticated digital platform. With advanced visitor tracking capabilities and comprehensive visitor reporting features, CleverTime’s Visitor Management System ensures a seamless and secure experience for both guests and hosts, setting a new standard in modern visitor management. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper records and embrace the future of visitor sign-in with CleverTime.

    Visitor Management System clevertime

    CleverKiosk – Clock In on Tablets

    Employees, visitors, contractors, or delivery workers can clock in and out via tablets with CleverKiosk. An easy-to-follow on-screen list makes it simple for individuals to record their entries and exit.

    CleverKiosk – Time Clock System on Tablets​

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    CleverGo Kiosk - Visitor Tracking
    Health and Safety Management

    Easy and Simple Sign In

    Visitors easily sign in with their details on Kiosk. 

    BENEFITS: Save manual sign in/out time.

    Instant Notification

    Hosts are instantly notified of visitor arrivals via TXT or email.

    BENEFITS: More efficient time management and productivity. 

    Site Visibility and Tracking

    Total visibility and tracking record of who has been on your premises.

    BENEFITS: More efficient time management and overall site management.

    Site information, Health and Safety Acknowledgement

    Visitors acknowledge any induction and H&S policies for their stay.

    BENEFITS: Provides safety guidance and better visiting experience.

    Confirmation with Easy Steps

    Intuitive interface with sign-in confirmation and automated notifications.

    BENEFITS: Efficient generation of easy-to-understand acknowledgments and confirmations

    Visit reporting and tracking

    System tracks and generates reports for management.

    BENEFITS: Improves emergency and audits management.

    Site evacuation​

    Simple steps to guide the evacuation process, includes checking people on site and send reports to management.

    BENEFITS: Provides ease of mind for emergency handling.

    Enhance Your Visitor Experience with CleverTime's Digital Visitor Management System

    CleverTime offers a cutting-edge Digital Visitor Management System designed to revolutionize how businesses handle guest interactions. Say goodbye to outdated sign-in sheets and embrace the efficiency and security of our sophisticated digital platform.

    Streamlined Check-In Process

    Our Digital Visitor Management System simplifies the visitor sign-in process, making it a breeze for guests and hosts alike. With intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features, checking in becomes a seamless experience, saving time and eliminating paperwork hassles.

    Advanced Visitor Tracking

    Gain comprehensive insights into visitor traffic with our advanced tracking capabilities. From visitor demographics to entry and exit times, our system provides valuable data to optimize your operations and enhance security measures.

    Effortless Reporting

    Generate detailed visitor reports effortlessly with CleverTime’s Visitor Management System. Access valuable insights to track trends, monitor visitor behavior, and improve overall efficiency. From daily summaries to customizable analytics, stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

    Real-Time Notifications

    Stay informed and in control with real-time notifications. Receive instant alerts via text or email as soon as visitors arrive, ensuring prompt action and efficient management of guest arrivals

    Customizable Features

    Tailor our Visitor Management System to suit your specific needs. From branding customization to integration with existing systems, we offer flexible solutions to align with your unique requirements and workflows.

    Compliance and Safety

    Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations effortlessly. Our system facilitates acknowledgment of induction processes and safety policies, promoting a secure environment for both visitors and staff.

    Seamless Evacuation Procedures

    Prepare for emergencies with ease using our Site Evacuation feature. Guide evacuation processes efficiently, check on-site personnel, and generate reports for management, ensuring a swift and organized response to any situation.

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